Roulston Research Nov 13th Media/ Advertising Roundtable with Rentrak Corporation CEO Bill Livek and Longtime Media Executive Alec Gerster

November 16, 2012

Nowadays, Media and Advertising are hot topics among companies and people.  Companies must know how to market themselves to remain competitive in the market in order to become successful. At our most recent Media/Advertising Roundtable, Bill Livek, CEO of Rentrak Corporation and Alec Gerster, Former Senior Marketing Director of Microsoft, Former CEO of Interpublic’s Initiative Worldwide, and Former CEO of Mediacom discussed Rentrak’s opportunities and challenges while giving an industry overview. Rentrak Corporation (NASDAQ: RENT) is an industry-advancing media measurement and research company, providing content measurement, analytical services and unique insight to the most recognizable names in the entertainment industry. For more than two decades, entertainment insiders have relied on Rentrak’s innovative software and progressive technology to interpret their complex audience data and drive their businesses and the industry forward. Whether an established Hollywood film studio, a local video store, a television network, a local broadcast station, or an emerging provider of live mobile or Internet TV, entertainment providers from across the industry utilize Rentrak’s revolutionary products and services to gain the insights needed to better understand their audiences and effectively compete in an increasingly complex environment.

Alec and Bill discussed Set Top Box Data and its availability now and in the future. Topics ranged from competitive set, data rich but information poor, and how STB Data could be a key part of robust marketing mix analytic solutions. Both spoke at length about advertising on the Internet and Rentrak’s opportunities in this area. They believe that to know the technology and use the technology in the right way can help you better connect with your targeted audience. If you are doing advertisement on the Internet, you are buying audiences at the point of time, regardless of what they are watching or looking at. The Internet makes impression based advertisements. With television advertisement, the content is more important. The real winner is who will provide content and excite your emotion. Finally, they discussed the relationship and transaction between buyers and sellers. Sometimes a third party in the middle will make more sense.  For businesses there are two winner’s measurements: credit reporting and your experiences. If you are interested in listening to the podcast or speaking with Alec or Bill please contact

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