Highlights from 11/15 Energy Roundtable with Abudi Zein and Kevin Lindemer

November 21, 2011

Abudi Zein and Kevin Lindemer addressed Gas Growth, Peak Demand and flow change of services and products in their overview. More products being exported together with increased domestic supplies are going to quickly change the landscape. Existing distribution in some cases including reallocation of existing pipelines for alternative use was discussed. Distribution was a primary discussion from the TransCanada Pipeline product to the changes happening at Cushing to Bakken pipeline needs. The two talked about the drillers in detail and all distribution from railroads to current pipelins and the reaction by the players to regulation and changing demand for exports and the repositioning with domestic supplies of oil and natural gas.  There were no companies up and down the supply chain that the two did not reference and even some properties outside the industry that might be impacted. In particular players in the infrastructure were the focus like Black and Veatch, Kerr McGeee and other engineering companies.

In this environmet although there is quite a lot of opportunities with the drillers, pipelines and service companies they both felt the infrastructure, design and build play rather than the transporters or commodity play were the most attractive spaces. The “guy building the shovel” not the guy using the shovel.  The stars are lining up for Natural Gas to liquid.  Also watching conventional agriculture was mentioned as technology in biofuels and food are expanding and those sustaining themselves outside of government support are proving to be viable opportunities.


If you would like to follow-up with either presenter for a 1 on 1 consultation please contact Tom Roulston at tom@roulstonresearch.com.

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