Roulston Retail Partner Craig Johnson on Upcoming Retail Holiday Season

September 20, 2011

Roulston Research Retail Partner Craig Johnson recently was interviewed about his thoughts on the upcoming retail holiday season. Craig believes we will have an above average holiday season despite the negative headlines about poor consumer confidence and high unemployment. Craig’s optimistic BTS 2011 prediction of 6.2% was very close and he expects Holiday sales to be up 4-5% on a year-over year basis unless gas prices go above $4 a gallon. He expects department stores to continue to rebound with Macy’s continued improvement while at the high-end Saks and Neiman Marcus will grow at a healthy 11-12%. After years of decline department stores have realized that they have to offer customers something that they value whether it is lower price points or exclusive lines. He also believes that Wal-Mart will perform better this holiday season primarily led by its international division and Sam’s Club. The domestic business is still seeing declining home and apparel sales which has been hurting the margins. To read Craig’s full article to see his opinion on the upcoming holiday season please visit

Craig Johnson is President of Customer Growth Partners of New Canaan, CT, consultants serving the Retail and other Consumer industries. He has three decades of experience in consumer service industries, in both senior executive and consulting roles, and has advised institutional investors and private equity participants on opportunities in the consumer discretionary sector. He is cited as an authority on retail and consumer issues in publications such as Business Week, Fortune,New YorkTimes, The Times (London), USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal. His Retail clients have included firms such as BJ’s Wholesale, Crutchfield Electronics, JC Penney, Lands’ End, Lowe’s, Perry Ellis, Simon Group, Toys R Us, Walt Disney,Westfield America and Williams-Sonoma.

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