Roulston Technology Partner Michael Liebow on How Effective Customer Relationship Management Leads to More Closed Business for Sales Reps

August 29, 2011

Roulston Research Technology Partner Michael Liebow recently created a posting about the value of effective Customer Relationship Management in closing more business for sales reps. Most organizations struggle with this though and Michael argues that the best solution is to detect the winning practices in real-time to guide reps and enhance sales procedures overall. New and established reps should be able to have the transparency and visibility to determine who the most effective sales contacts are in the pipeline. This will allow sales teams know where to spend there time and focus, provide predictability, and optimize the size of their quota. To read the full blog posting please visit Foretuit’s website at


Michael Liebow is founder of the newest approach to social business in Foretuit. Foretuit is the leader in predictive sales pipeline management by accurately predicting which deals will be won and which will be lost up to a quarter in advance, and notifies you if deals may slip. Foretuit combines your email, chatter, and other social feeds together with your opportunity history to create a deal DNA for every opportunity without manual data entry, so you don’t waste valuable time. Recently Foretuit was a finalist in the 2011 AppQuest Challenge to get the opportunity to present at Dreamforce. Prior to Foretuit, Michael was CEO at Dexterra and Vice President of Business Development at IBM Global Business Services. At IBM he started the SOA-based IT infrastructure business and grew revenues to well over $4 billion in four years by creating new asset-based solutions and training 90,000 consultants worldwide. He also transformed IBM’s Intel Server business from a $900 million industry laggard to a $3 billion industry leader in 3 years.

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