>Roulston Technology Partner on Future of Mobile Broadband

June 8, 2011

>Roulston Research’s Technology Partner Keith Mallinson recently was interviewed at the Mobile World Congress 2011 hosted by GSMA Mobile Broadband in Barcelona, Spain. He spoke about the rapid rise in mobile in general since the 1990’s especially after the introduction of GSM to now having over 5 billion connections with mobile voice and text worldwide. The rise in mobility came about through vision, reduction of costs, and the introduction of prepaid phones. He believes mobile broadband is at the tipping point of having most of the world access the internet through mobile devices. The industry will have to introduce new technologies like HSPA and Evolved to drive down costs. They will also have to increase backlog with fiber technologies to increase capacity and performance. These changes will bring about large changes in the service and delivery side along with innovation on pricing from the traditional flat rate to pricing options that offer the consumer more flexibility. He believes these changes will allow the industry to have mobile broadband accessible to the masses over the next 10-15 years. You can hear his full interview at http://www.gsmamobilebroadband.com/mwc/summary.asp

Keith Mallinson is founder of WiseHarbor, providing expert commercial advisory to technology and services businesses in wired and wireless telecommunications, media and entertainment serving consumer and professional markets. He is also regular columnist with Wireless Week, FierceWireless Europe, and IP Finance. Prior to forming Wise Harbor Mallinson led Yankee Group’s global Wireless/Mobile research and consulting team as Executive Vice President. He currently forecasts the long-term outlook in mobile operator services, network equipment and devices to 2025 which is available to purchase on his website at http://wiseharbor.com/forecast.htmlhttp://wiseharbor.com/forecast.html

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