>Roulston Media Partner on How Traditional Radio Can Battle Pandora

June 6, 2011

>Roulston Media Partner Mark Ramsey wrote a blog posting several weeks ago on how Pandora radio is real radio and that traditional broadcast radio should pay attention to the medium. This past week he wrote a new posting about how traditional radio can battle Pandora radio. Most of the traditional broadcast companies dismiss Pandora and feel they have the strengths of being local, big, and useful in an emergency. Mark dismisses these so-called advantages because Pandora offers personalization, which makes it better than being local in many ways, and offers value every time the listener turns on the radio.

Mark believes that the biggest advantage Pandora has over traditional radio is through advertising and not customization, which is why terrestrial broadcasters should consider it a rival entertainment medium. Pandora’s ads can be delivered to people with similar characteristics so there is very little waste in the advertiser’s budget. Some traditional broadcasters are trying to create personal versions of their radio brands. Mark dismisses this idea and thinks the main advantage traditional radio has over Pandora is content. He states, “Pandora has personalization. Radio has personalities.” Radio’s advantage is that it is live and in the moment so offering a selection of non-music content that appeals to a broad audience is the key to their success. He suggests that traditional radio shouldn’t compete against Pandora directly with a knockoff weaker version. Instead it should focus on its strengths of creating and monetizing first class on-air shows with talent that will attract advertisers. You can read part 1 of his article at http://www.markramseymedia.com/2011/05/how-radio-can-battle-pandora-part-1-wake-up-radio/ and part 2 at http://www.markramseymedia.com/2011/06/how-radio-can-battle-pandora-part-2-beyond-music/

Mark Ramsey Media is one of the best-known research and strategy providers to media companies in America. He has worked with several television and innumerable radio broadcasters over his career, including all the biggest names, from Clear Channel, CBS, Bonneville, Sirius XM, and Greater Media in the US to Corus and Astral Media in Canada. Clients from outside broadcasting have included EA Sports and Apple.

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