>With the stock trading at its cash value the company is rolling out its new skateboard shoe. Although a narrow product line its valuation trading right near cash value is worthy as an option on any success of the shoe that the presenter feels may have novelty value.

>This retailer taking advantage of Pop culture trends has seen negative comps that with the help of new merchandising VP from American Eagle may be poised with great balance sheet to see a shift positive.

>Two drugs Xiaflex and Testim both concern presenter with limited upside potential and yet projections that seem to value the company still well above current upside potential.

>Ag business has been picking up and in particular Bush Hog business has been in line with presenter’s expectations. with an upside of $30 the stock is up 40% since recommendation and time to lighten up could be appropriate at this point. 1/3 of company business is with county and city governments who had a tough winter and budgets for roads and maintenance are stretched as well as overall budgets. Story has godd move and good time to lighten

>Not trying to make a statement on the state of the consumer the presenter emphasized that some operating improvements (closing and opening brands, sourcing changes and aerie) and combined with non operating moves like stock buybacks position the stock price attractively.

>Four properties located in Alaska and British Columbia offer diversification but potentially significant reserve potential if Nova can afford their share of development costs. Some recent investors show interest after looking at asset potential.

>At our small cap event in New York this presenter made case for Maudore having significant advantages from transportation and mining costs in the close proximity to users. Former Bear Stearns analyst in management has different incentive and perspective and reserves may be understated.