>Mall tours with Arnie Cohen

November 24, 2009

>The year of plaid and costume jewelry. At the Westchester Mall you could have blown a cannon off on the Wednesday a week before Thanksgiving and there would not have been 50 people to hear it. Although traffic was minimum floor diplays and inventory was telling. The same mall according to Arnie was cooking over the weekend and based on follow ups appeared to be strong traffic again the weekend before Thanksgiving(as was Beachwood Mall in Cleveland). JCrew was a standout with inventory rolling down but new deliveries due the next day. Presentation was particularly strong at Express where the client is clearly teenage “date bait” Chico’s where new merchandising management is obviously making a difference, Bath and Body Works that just screamed to buy a candle gift and White and Black. GAP was mediocre(but in Cleveland was hopping) as was Nordstom who in Men’s is pushing Robert Graham at the young male-interesting. Liz is riding Lucky, Banana Republic has no conviction, Pottery Barn is missing the Christmas thought, Ann Taylor better be making it in the Outlets and Abercrombie has no greeters, alot of arrogance, little inventory and no customers- ouch. Stay tuned next week San Francisco and then Boston. Lots of updates in the meantime.

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