>Five Tips for a Recession

September 24, 2009

>Bart Perkins, the Chair of Roulston Research’s technology expert community, recently attended a venture capital lunch forum where an editor from WIRED magazine gave a presentation entitled “Five Tips for a Recession”. They were:

  1. Don’t wait for innovation
  2. Boost R&D and grab talent
  3. Start a company, the technology tools you need are cheap
  4. Make innovation central to your business
  5. Think like a VC

He used Apple and Dell as examples for #2. During the last recession, Apple grabbed talent and continued to pursue an aggressive R&D program. Dell cut these expenses in response to the economic conditions. For #3, his examples were cloud computing and open source software. Both models have drastically reduced the need to purchase, run and maintain your software. And for #5, his point was that while big companies will kill projects with a 70% chance of failure, VCs will gladly accept a project that has a 30% chance of success.

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