>Bankers and Real Estate Agents and Health Care

July 23, 2009

>Business is tough. Over the last week talked to numerous bankers. Its always credit committee against sales folks. Sales are being told go out and find loans. The credit committees say no except to the very cream of the crop. The cream is not getting lower and the sales people are still searching for more quality cows. There is just very little activity. Looking for commercial real estate and prices are off 20-30%. They also say it is better. It just doesnt seem to be any better. Shaker Boulevard where Obama visited today I counted 14 houses for sale in a one mile route. I wonder if they kept the signs up as he was arriving. I just cant get over the comment from last night. If my child has a sore throat Obama said the current system incentivizes taking a take the tonsil out approach rather than long range treatment. What doctor thinks that way.

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